Final day...


After the packed visits of thursday, the participants arrived both relaxed and coffee-fuelled to the main room. They started the morning reflecting on the previous day. It was then time for the “Open Space” session where eight assistants proposed their own subjects to talk about. The rest of the audience could choose one of the themes that interested them the most but it was not fixed as they could change during the session the group. Some of the topics treated were about zero waste, how to make money, the searching for partnership, the ability of sports to empower the youth and how to encourage people to do what they want to do. After that, the leaders summarized the meetings to share the conclusions with the rest of the people.

The coffee break arrived to give the participants some time to take more strength to participate in the coach session coordinated by Monika Bolcskei. These intimate talks finished on time to have lunch, after which some of the participants enjoyed an amazing drum experience. One of the experts from the Drum Xperience gave to the people the opportunity to feel being in the forest and in the seaside through the emotions the instruments can provoque. It was also possible to let the creativity flow with some paint and manual activities.


The main room was the meeting point at 15.00 hours for the last afternoon of the TCP Hungary 2018. The participants sat in a circle where two chairs were one in front of the other so they could talk by pairs. During six rounds of five minutes, the freelancers, representants of companies and organisations and the youngsters discuss about networking.

Only the coffee break could stop these interesting talks, but in this case it was a special pause. The organisation of the event put four different areas so the assistants could go to drink a coffee or a tea and eat something sweet or pógacsa to the "dating bar", in the "still single", the "zen dating" and the "dating and work". It was a moment of chilling but also of sharing the last comments and experiences.

Maria-Carmen Pantea gave a presentation of about half an hour in which she explained what exactly is the TCP. Some of the purposes were to clarify who supports these kind of events, who they are made for, the impact that they usually have on the participants (like the exchange and the networking) and the institutional impact.

Everything came to an end and the Towards Collaborative Practice Hungary 2018 was not an exception. Ildi, from the Hungarian National Agency, gave thanks to all the people that made it possible to happen, from the representants of the agencies that collaborate in the organisation to the volunteers. That was also the moment when Ildi gave to Concha, from the Spanish National Agency, a bag as a symbol of the transfer to Spain the planification of the next TCP, that will be in October 2019.

The film producer Anna, that was working hard during all the event, presented to the audience a project she has that will allow to plant some trees and reduce the impact of some common actions, such as taking a plane to travel. Anna recommended also the book "How bad are bananas?".

The paperwork was almost the last point of the journey and the assistants filled an evaluation online to comment their impressions about the TCP just before they got their Youthpass. The technology was also protagonist when they wrote what they will bring home (inspiration, ideas, conection, contacts...) and the steps they would like to take in the next week (planning, sleep, emailing, towels...). All days before they had to go inside the room to start the next activity, Freddy Mercury sang "Don´t stop me now", and that was precisely the last of the questions they had to find an answer to: why dont stop now? Some of the people wrote because of being happy, of the enthusiasm, the good time lived... But the main point was "because I want to continue".

The circle all of them formed at the end of the journey worked to say thankyou to themselves and also to the others. The participants took some seeds and they made a wish they would like to see growing up for themselves then they passed them on to another person.

After a tasty dinner, the Grund Theatre, founded in 2008, brought some games and made the participants enjoy a very full last evening of jokes and funny moments thanks to their improvisation.

Written by Paula Quintás López and Ellie Devereux

A look inside ourselves and outside the building


Self-learning was the start of Thursday in the second full day of the Towards Collaborative Practice (TCP) Forum. The group coach Mónica Bölcskei introduced a game with an aim to provoke the participants to reflect. After that, the assistants were divided in groups in order to be part of the different workshops.

"Activating youth entrepreneurial mindsets to grow social innovation" was a space to share problems that can appear when a new business is created and techniques to brainstorm the possible solutions.

Other participants enjoyed in the second room "DROPS. Cocreate with you". They had to show their creativity by drawing themselves and then choosing a talent, a passion and dream they have to answer the question "Who are you?".

The audience participated actively in the workshop "Organisations to increase youth engagement". The people shared their opinions about competences, autonomy and relatedness. In addition, they also discussed about what it is a good job.

Finally, "Let's talk about Brexit" put on the table the consequences of the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union in a quite pessimistic atmosphere.

The coffee break allowed the participants to drink and eat something with calm just before the learning journing. It consisted of different opportunities to increase their knowledge in areas like the youthpass, the Erasmus+, the strategy partnership, the European Solidarity Corps, the non-financial resources for social enterprises and the funding opportunities available. The people shared interesting books and impressions about a big variety of subjects in a friendly environment.

The cold but sunny afternoon was a good opportunity for the participants to explore the city and to discover the amazing initiatives that some people developed.

For example, the visit related to Charity brought an international group of people to the place where the beer Jótékony Share is now promoted. As one of the creators explained, this product is sold in some bars and supermarkets but they also go to the festivals with a caravan to offer it to the consumers. The money the craft beer produces is donated for different purposes, like the promotion of sports, the support of the culture, the protection of the animals, the care of people and the fight against the alcoholism. The products they sell are with and without alcohol and in two sizes.

After this visit, the group moved to the Hungarian Red Cross, where they had dinner: pita bread with lecsó and pita bread with the sour cream and the cheese the hungarian cuisine use on langos. The head of the Cafe & Bistro explained that they opened this space recently but that originally was a garage. Many youngsters were sit there drinking and chilling with friends, using the computer, studying or just reading. A big table is usually in the center of the place, which embraces the motto "Let's sit at the same table". That is an invitation for sharing and meet new people in a community space where a lot of events are organised and where donations are always welcome.

The other places the participants in the TCP visited were the Cyclonomia, Kockacsoki, the Invisible Exhibition Budapest, Impact Hub Budapest, Hosszúlépés, Gólya Community House and Cooperative, Helloanyu, Szatyor Association, Never Give Up Foundation and Premier Kultcafé.

A busy and fulfilling day!

Written by Paula Quintás López and Ellie Devereux

A day of energy


Not only from across the globe, but also from a range of job sectors including NGO’s, training education, sports, business, technology, tourism and public administration. The participants in the Towards Collaborative Practice (TCP) Forum started the morning full of energy after a hearty breakfast.     

The head of the Hungarian National Agency István Verses dedicated some words at the forums official opening. Then, one of the heads of the forum, Andrea Kiss, gave the welcome to the assistants and presented the other National Agencies that participated as organisers (Spain, Italy and United Kingdom) and those that collaborated but are not in the event (Sweden and Turkey). Concha, from Spain, announced that the next TCP forum will be in Madrid just before the speaking of Raluca Diroescu, who reflected on the previous Towards Collaborative Practice Forums. The objectives of these events include creating an international network of people who can exchange experiences and motivations, so they can collaborate in the future.

The coffee break, in which there were some tasty sweets on offer that were made by EVS volunteers from an organisation near Budapest, was also preceded with some clarifications about the weeks program and and introduced the coaching session to be had on the final day.

Post refreshments, the floor welcomed Alejandro Crawford. He is CEO of RealBase; a global team deploying a new operating system for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. Crawford talked about "Troublemaker or innovator? The digital ecosystem to launch a better world" and had a lively discussion with the participants about this subject. The expert encourage them to take initiative and affirmed that entrepreneurs “look like us before they look like them”. The CEO considers that the connection of people from all around the world can make possible the necessary innovations to generate changes and save the planet.

"Digital revolution and what it means for us" was the second inspirational talk of the morning. The ex-investment banker Péter Küllői explained that is still possible to fix our planet before going to another one but only if the common people start to do something instead of waiting for the action of the politicians. Küllői believes that the society is digital and he made some references to companies like Nokia that grew exponential and then disappeared, in this case because Nokia failed to see that the mobile was not a phone anymore; but a computer.

The afternoon started with the participants divided in ten groups. Only one person of these groups was fixed in the place and the other people moved twice to another table. The objective of was to discuss and answer "What is the link for you between social and environmental approaches of an entrepreneurship?", "How do you see the question of generating profit in a business and/or compromise for more sustainable solutions and minimise environmental footprint" and "What good practises do you know from your country or network on environmental responsible entrepreneurships?".

After some sweets and drinks during the afternoon coffee break, the people were divided in rooms where there were different workshops. One, for example, was about how to not waste the food we have at home.  In another room participants could learn more about the situation of the women in Africa and how they can use a big variety of materials to make menstrual pads or soap that then they sell. Interesting and concrete, the debate generated in some of the workshops lasted until dinner time.

A practice fair was the last activity of the day. Many were presenting their sustainable expertise, such as how to avoid the use of plastic, their knowledge about mushrooms, the language school, or how to make a smoothie with the help of a bike. Some of the participants of the TCP were presenting this stands but the rest of them could move around the room to learn more about those interesting and inspiration ideas.

Written by Paula Quintás López and Ellie Devereux

It Begins!


On Tuesday, eighty people from around the globe arrived at the European Youth Centre, Budapest, to take part in the Towards Collaboration Practice Forum 2018. This forum has a special focus on the environmental dimension of social entrepreneurship and this value runs throughout this events organisation. Therefore, the participants were greeted with a sustainable welcome package which included a tote bag, two notebooks made out of recycled paper, and a plastic bottle convenient for water (or maybe wine) refills throughout the conference. For the earlier arrivals, at 5pm there was an opportunity to join the Budapest Bike Maffia in preparing sandwiches to be then delivered to homeless people. This initiative began in 2011 with aim to give food around the Christmas period to those without, it has since developed into a twice-a-week happening. However, the recent introduction of law that criminalises living on the street has brought about new difficulties, including disconnecting the homeless people with systems of support, such as the Bike Maffia. This situation was apparent when going out to distribute the sandwiches.

After dinner, the forum officially opened and all the participants were in the same room for the first time. The ice was quickly broken as the first game involved sharing personal stories. This was followed by the Drum Xperience which encouraged them to build their own ecological instruments and to create music together. It was a lively and colourful start for what is sure to be a lively and colourful week!

Written by Paula Quintás López and Ellie Devereux

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