Workshop I. - Charity Taxi - more than a social service
28th November - 17:00

Workshop led by Tamás Horn (Hungary)

Interactive workshop with the founder of Charity Taxi: Tamás Horn. The idea of this initiative came up at the time of the refugee crisis in 2015, when the huge gap between the resources of Budapest and the need of mostly Roma people in Eastern-Hungary became most apparent. This initiative is unique since Charity Taxi makes people interested in donation by going straight to their home, picking up their unneeded objects and giving it to those in need. Despite the project’s name it’s more than a social service, it involves people by giving them a chance of meeting others from different backgrounds. During the initiative’s 3 years Charity Taxi succeed in reaching 600 households, going to 35 towns and supporting 8,000 people with the help of 250 volunteers. City and village. Surplus and need. Stereotype and reality – Those are the gaps over which Charity Taxi builds bridges.


Where? ROOM B

Charity Taxi

Workshop leader