Workshop II. - !DROPS: co-creating with you
29th November - 09:00

Workshop led by Jens Depelchin (Belgium)

As a creative collective, we want to tackle important social issues. We create innovative solutions for the social challenges we all encounter. We facilitate, we create, we think, we do, and we see the cultural and digital worlds as tools to enhance positive change. We work on a multidisciplinary level, and we believe in ‘the power of the people’. We collaborate to develop long-term results for a bright 21st century. We simultaneously work close to our home and beyond international borders.

The !DROPS methodology is based on Human-Centered Design. We work with partners and people with certain needs to create solutions, products, and services that make a real difference. Our processes are iterative: through repetition, we improve and refine our results. Culture and digitalism are a central part of our work.

Where? ROOM B


!DROPS is a social innovation agency.