Hasina Razafindratandra

Workshop leader

Passionate about human complexity, cultural diversity and the challenges of human development in organizations, Hasina Razafindratandra founded Code H – h for human – in 2017, a born global consulting and coaching firm whose mission is to re-enchant organizations. To this end, Code H develops collaborative and reflective practices and raises awareness among leaders of the importance of reinventing the corporate codes to foster employee engagement and create value in the current global economic system.

Born and raised in Antananarivo, Madagascar and based in Montreal, Canada, Hasina speaks four languages, has traveled to 35 countries and lived in six countries on four continents. With more than 13 years of experience in management consulting, multinational organizations and startups, she co-creates tailored solutions with public and private organizations, start-up accelerators and entrepreneurs all around the world to help them address the complex challenges they face in today’s rapidly evolving world. Hasina has completed projects in 12 countries to date and as a young leader and entrepreneur, she was selected to participate in forward-thinking conferences such as the One Young World Summit in Ottawa in 2016, the International Conference of Women of La Francophonie in Bucharest in 2017, Tribu18 in Esterel in 2018, C2 Montreal in 2018 and the OECD Forum in Paris in 2018. Earlier this year in Montreal, she was invited to speak at Expo Entrepreneurs and at the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

Website: www.codeh.co