Diego Marín


Living in Spain, Diego is specialized in experiential learning and non formal education since 1997. For more than 20 years working with groups of various kinds, youth and social workers, teachers, health workers, trainers, public staff, groups of adolescents, prisoners, etc. Founder of the Cazalla-Intercultural Association is currently working on Euroacción Cultural Association of which he is the president. He is a member of the Pool of trainers of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe, Spanish National Agency for Youth and the SALTO trainers Pool (Support for Advanced Learning and Trainining Opportunities). He is actively working with Erasmus Plus projects in the area of social inclusion and youth violence through transformative methodologies such as social theatre, Art and Gestalt therapy.

Agenda items
15th October - 20:30

Let’s get Started

16th October - 09:00

Welcome + Introduction

16th October - 12:00


18th October - 09:00

Discussions “A la Carta"

18th October - 18:00

Evaluation, Closing and Youthpass