Escolanía de El Escoarial

Boys choir School concert Leaving 20:20 from Euroforum Entrance

 Belonging to the Escolanía is an annual scholarship since in addition to attending class at the Alfonso XII Royal College along with 800 other students, they receive Instrument classes, music history, choir, as well as study support for the usual classes of the school.

 This has been maintained throughout the centuries, becoming one of the most prestigious Escolanías in the World with performances in the Sistine Chapel, Royal Theater, National Auditorium, in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and numerous places in different countries.

 The Escolanía (Boys choir School), was founded in 1567 by Felipe II with the mission of assisting in all the ceremonies of the Monastery, after a period of about 100 years without existing, the Augustinians refounded it in 1974.

The atmosphere is cozy and adapted to the needs of children with games rooms, cinema, a large park to play, swimming pool with monitors and professional educators who give care, attention and education in values ​​thus constituting a large family.

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