Field Visit, Camino 6 & Workshop

In 2003, a group of professionals sensitized to the serious problem of poverty and exclusion, we created the Nantik Lum Foundation with the objective of contributing to the development of excluded sectors, through tools that guaranteed them to be protagonists of their own growth .

Our beginnings are marked by the support to small productive groups of indigenous women in the Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. These women in their ancestral wisdom taught us how to work from resources offered by Mother Nature. As a sign of courage and recognition of his philosophy of life and work born the name "Nantik Lum", which means Mother Earth in Maya Tseltal.

Our work is fundamentally inspired by the work Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, in his own words: “The poor are like bonsai trees. The problem is not the seed, but the ground. It is the society that has not allowed them to germinate on authentic soil. If they are allowed to germinate on legitimate soil, the equivalent of offering them the opportunities they need to develop will grow as tall as everyone else. ”

In these 15 years we have developed International Cooperation projects and a broad research activity on microfinance.

Since 2011 we develop Social Action projects and programs in Spain through microfinance and inclusive entrepreneurship. We offer training, advice and access to financing to people in vulnerable situations. Our goal is to accompany people in their process of inclusion through self-employment.