Field Visits Camino 3

LEARNING BY DOING: "You learn by doing and, if you don't do it, you don't learn." In TEAMLABS / we are not doing drills or theory per se: we like to act and learn from it. From the zero minute, our team companies work on real projects, with real users and needs.

WE DELETE THE BORDER BETWEEN THE ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL WORLD: Our learning does not happen in splintered classrooms around the world. We integrate into hybrid ecosystems where things naturally happen. Where business models and professional profiles of the future are generated.

WE WANT TO REVOLUTIONATE EDUCATION: We want to contribute to the strengthening of a professional class proactively committed to the world, innovative and open to collaboration.

WE ARE A TEAM LABORATORY: FINLAND EDUCATION: We rely on the team as a vehicle for growth and learning, working with a methodology specifically designed for this, that of Team Academy and design thinking.