Field Visits Camino 4

A project of employment and social economy promoted by Madrid City Council along with 8 partners: Dinamia, Estudio SIC, Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas, Ecooo, Todo por la Praxis, Agencia para el Empleo, Acción contra el Hambre y Tangente.

MARES is an innovative pilot project of urban transformation through initiatives of social and solidarity economy, the creation of quality jobs and the promotion of a different city model.

Operates in 4 districts of Madrid: Villaverde, Vicálvaro, Puente de Vallecas and Center.

The main objective of Mares is the creation of companies, the generation of productive and communitarian fabric and the promotion of good civic and institutional practices that lead to a much more sustainable, healthy and cooperative city.

It focuses on five different sectors in four districts of the city of Madrid: mobility in Vallecas, food in Villaverde, recycling in Vicálvaro and energy in center. The fifth sector is care which is present in the 4 district and like social and solidarity economy focus in life maintenance and the sustainability.

Each district have a space dedicated to the project, named MAR, which serve as a knowledge laboratory and host these new productive initiatives. These are buildings and public spaces that were in disuse, have been reformed and made available to the citizens.