Grupo Cooperativo Tangente

Field Visits “Camino 4”

Specialists in the productions of innovative and multidimentional projects.

We improve quality of life and environment.

Tangente is the result of 15 years of inter-cooperative work, adhered to the logic of a social and fair trade economy. They are made up of 130 professionals between 15 organizations.

The company is based in Madrid area. It generates knowledge and is at the forefront in its fields of activity: consultancy, entrepreneurship, psychology and social intervention, civil engagement, equality and gender, sustainability and agroecology and communication.

The level of professionalism and expertise of the people who have made up the Tangente Group Cooperative team from the start can been attributed to the inter-cooperation within the company.

Some of their projects are: Soledad no Deseada. Prevent unwanted loneliness in Madrid or Juntas Emprendemos. Women’s empowerment with the aim of setting up their own business.