Field Visits Camino 6

“Fundación Luz Casanova” has been working since 2007 for the personal development and social inclusion of people in situations of lack of protection and exclusion: women and minors victims of gender violence, homeless people, etc.
The foundation emerges to develop the Social Work promoted since 1924 by the Apostolics of the Heart of Jesus and our commitment focuses on:
• Promote and defend full citizenship.
• Promote equal opportunities.
• Promote awareness and social participation.
• Work for the social recognition of the dignity of all people.
For this we bet on the work in Network, collaborating with all the agents involved in justice and social transformation.
During 2018 we have begun to develop some of our programs in Vallecas from a new center called 'Luz Vallekas' which, in addition, wants to be a project open to the solidarity association movement of Madrid and, at the same time, a resource committed to the community development of Vallecas.