Gloria Gubianas

The young Catalan woman, Gloria Gubianas, co-founder of the Hemper backpacks brand, graduated in LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation), has been chosen “Woman entrepreneur of the year in Spain”.

With only 24 years, Gloria Gubianas is considered a youth reference of sustainable fashion in Spain for demonstrating that you can create a fashion brand without damaging the environment and respecting human rights. Hemper backpacks and accessories are handmade in Nepal with hemp, one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, and empower families and communities at risk of social exclusion through job creation.

As a teenager, Gloria Gubianas showed interest in social and environmental impact projects, created in her school - the Montserrat School of Barcelona - a project that measured the cost of water that was incurred when showering, and dedicated time to social causes, volunteering in Nepal. This desire to undertake and be an agent of change led him to perform in the learning laboratory TEAMLABS, LEINN, a degree that throws you into the real world from day one, the “non-students” become entrepreneurs, create a company of their own real in team with which they must invoice and make multiple impact projects worldwide (Europe, USA, Asia). No classes, no classrooms, no teachers. In LEINN, Gloria launched with other fellow Hemper.